Compressed air without extra costs – Really intelligent

Maximum compressed air, minimum operating costs. Technical compressed air is an energy form which you generate yourself in your company. To be able to produce compressed air as efficiently and economically as possible, you need highly efficient components and an innovative partner.

Wecker Druckluft provides you with both the necessary products and the required expertise. As a full-range supplier and reliable service partner we enable you to operate your machinery optimally and economically.

Smart system solutions which are state of the art; greatest reliability and highest effectiveness through the best management of energy, performance and costs; the personal commitment of each of our employees and a high level of customer proximity - for many years Wecker Druckluft has been proving: Maximum compressed air, minimum operating costs.

Really intelligent.

Modern and highly efficient products – Compressed air from generation to application

The control system behind compressed air. Highly sophisticated.

All the important facts at a glance: the airleader control system shows directly online the total consumption, pressure curve and compressor status with load/no-load operation, standby, failures and delivery quantities of the individual compressors.

For the whole week or month in comparison. In high resolution: the data gathered from 10 readings per second is calculated and represented in diagrams. All graphs can be zoomed down to 1 minute. Short-term peaks can be recognized and explained, thus allowing precise evaluations.

Numerous sensors can be connected easily and plotted in high resolution. When limits are exceeded, notification is given. If desired this notification can be forwarded as an email, pager message or SMS.

And the best thing is: the airleader control system makes the optimal decision which combination of existing systems should be switched on at any time.

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Systematic compression. Highly efficient.

Whether as a stand-alone application in a small workshop or as a component in a large industrial system, we provide the highest quality. With the greatest efficiency and reliability.

Our wide range of compressors meets every need. From mobile miniature applications in the low pressure region to industrial compressors in the medium pressure region or highly precise applications in the high pressure region.

A varied range with a common denominator: outstanding quality and the greatest efficiency.

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The right system. For every requirement.

Air often contains millions of dirt particles, water vapour and oils. During compression, the concentration of particles rises. However, reliable and efficient applications require dry, dust-free, oil-free or even sterile compressed air.

Our extensive range of treatment and conditioning technology ensures the cleanliness and reliability you need for your application.

Whether system driers, high-performance strainers, adsorbers, cyclones or converters, our designers take the first step from the requirements to the solution.

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Pipe system with quick-fit connection

The innovative Transair® pipe system is the effective solution for applications with compressed air, vacuum, industrial fluids or inert gases.

The easy-to-handle aluminium and stainless steel pipes, the tried-and-tested quick-fit connectors and extremely low flow resistance make the system the perfect addition in a sophisticated compressed air system.

Whether for a small workshop or a large industrial company, we have the right pipe diameter for you - 100 mm, 76 mm, 63 mm, 40 mm, 25 mm and 16.5 mm - as well as a wide range of accessories.

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Custom solutions

Despite our extensive range of products and services, some applications require a custom solution.

As a custom solution is characterized by the fact that it has no precedent, the following list can serve only one purpose: to extend the possibilities for solving your task.

  • Special models with technical threshold parameters
  • Built-in, based-framed or integrated systems
  • Special models and approvals for export
  • Special noise control requirements
  • Energy recovery requirements
  • Installation and mobility requirements
  • Container solutions
  • OEM versions
  • Monitoring and documentation systems
  • Special conditions due to a lack of space
  • Special voltages or other electrotechnical requirements
  • Special models for exceptional climate conditions
  • Fully air-conditioned systems
  • Remote monitoring and parameterization
  • Explosion protection
  • Customer-supplied subsections
  • Retrofitting of energy-saving components
  • Integration of components for heat recovery

Our engineers will find the optimal solution to fit in with your technological concept.

Driven to change the established

High Speed Turbo Compressor

Premium service – We make sure that your compressed air system stays in top form

Custom service. Modules for your success.

In order to be able to operate continuously and economically, systems require regular expert maintenance. We supply a package in which excellent technology and custom maintenance complement each other for your success, allowing you to concentrate on the daily business.

We are flexible regarding the scope of technical support and offer you a maintenance concept to suit your needs:

  • Service by call
  • Automatic reminder
  • Support contract, maintenance contract
  • Full service
  • LongLife
  • Contracting or compressed air flat-rate.

Customers with a service agreement benefit from an extended warranty period.

Manufacturer-independent transparency. The audit.

The majority of compressed air units in industry could operate much more efficiently and use a lot less energy if the operators fully exploited the existing opportunities for optimization.

In the field of compressed air, 25 – 40 % saving potential in the operating costs is absolutely common. However, as the energy and operating costs associated with compressed air generation are almost always hidden in the general overall costs, their considerable share is not sufficiently noticed.

With our manufacturer-independent compressed air energy audit we show you which costs occur and which can be avoided.

Measuring technology. Giving you the facts.

Measuring, analyzing and recording technical data and parameters in industry. With an extensive programme of professional measuring technology. Buy the measurement, not the equipment.

Extract from our range of professional measuring technology:

  • Differential pressure, performance and sector measurement
  • Determination of performance factors and network analyses
  • Determination of residual moisture in acc. with ISO 8573
  • Measurement of residual oil content  for condensate drain
  • Lubricant analyses
  • Endoscopic analyses and measurement of coating thickness
  • Energy measurement to determine cost of generating compressed air
  • Thermography to record thermal leakages
  • Wireless monitoring of measurement data
  • Measurement of vibrations and oscillations to monitor wear

Any of these types of measurement data can be recorded and monitored over any desired period.

24-hour service. Always available.

We are there for our customers. 24 hours a day, round the clock. Our emergency service is on the spot straightaway when you need it. Problems will be solved promptly - that's something you can count on.

Our experts come to you with an extensive package of standard spare parts. This allows us to react rapidly during normal working hours and send the closest engineer.

Outside normal working hours and at weekends, engineers are on standby for you. Fast and straightforward.

24-hour service +49-172-530 99 05

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