Peak performance with premium service

We make sure that your compressed air system stays in top form, because that’s the only way to ensure the functionality and performance of your system and its efficient and

reliable operation.

Our diverse service modules provide the right concept for you. Premium quality from one source. Round the clock if necessary.

We get more performance out of your system.

Premium service – We make sure that your compressed air system stays in top form

Custom service. Modules for your success.

In order to be able to operate continuously and economically, systems require regular expert maintenance. We supply a package in which excellent technology and custom maintenance complement each other for your success, allowing you to concentrate on the daily business.

We are flexible regarding the scope of technical support and offer you a maintenance concept to suit your needs:

  • Service by call
  • Automatic reminder
  • Support contract, maintenance contract
  • Full service
  • LongLife
  • Contracting or compressed air flat-rate.

Customers with a service agreement benefit from an extended warranty period.

Manufacturer-independent transparency. The audit.

The majority of compressed air units in industry could operate much more efficiently and use a lot less energy if the operators fully exploited the existing opportunities for optimization.

In the field of compressed air, 25 – 40 % saving potential in the operating costs is absolutely common. However, as the energy and operating costs associated with compressed air generation are almost always hidden in the general overall costs, their considerable share is not sufficiently noticed.

With our manufacturer-independent compressed air energy audit we show you which costs occur and which can be avoided.

Measuring technology. Giving you the facts.

Measuring, analyzing and recording technical data and parameters in industry. With an extensive programme of professional measuring technology. Buy the measurement, not the equipment.

Extract from our range of professional measuring technology:

  • Differential pressure, performance and sector measurement
  • Determination of performance factors and network analyses
  • Determination of residual moisture in acc. with ISO 8573
  • Measurement of residual oil content  for condensate drain
  • Lubricant analyses
  • Endoscopic analyses and measurement of coating thickness
  • Energy measurement to determine cost of generating compressed air
  • Thermography to record thermal leakages
  • Wireless monitoring of measurement data
  • Measurement of vibrations and oscillations to monitor wear

Any of these types of measurement data can be recorded and monitored over any desired period.

24-hour service. Always available.

We are there for our customers. 24 hours a day, round the clock. Our emergency service is on the spot straightaway when you need it. Problems will be solved promptly - that's something you can count on.

Our experts come to you with an extensive package of standard spare parts. This allows us to react rapidly during normal working hours and send the closest engineer.

Outside normal working hours and at weekends, engineers are on standby for you. Fast and straightforward.

24-hour service +49-172-530 99 05

Wir beraten Sie gerne persönlich! Wir beraten Sie gerne persönlich!