Wecker Druckluft – A tradition of progress

Success in the third generation. In 1948, Kurt Wecker laid the foundations for the first activities in the field of compressed air. The brothers Jürgen Wecker and Lutz Wecker took over the company Wecker Drucklufttechnik in 1971 and further expanded the business as Wecker Druckluft GmbH. Roland Wecker joined the management team in 1998, Finn Wecker in 2004. Since 2009, the cousins Roland Wecker and Finn Wecker have been running the company in its third generation.  

A unique combination of wide-ranging expertise. The product range offered by Wecker Druckluft has been extended systematically over a period of decades.

With its business areas Compressed Air, Vacuum Technology, Pneumatics and Automation, Wecker Druckluft provides a combination of expertise which is unique in the Münster region today.

Local presence, worldwide deliveries. Operating from Münster, Wecker Druckluft serves customers throughout the Münsterland region, Germany and even the world.

An eye on the future. Wecker Druckluft is an experienced expert and always keeps its eye on innovations and new products in the industry on your behalf. Because highly efficient components and optimal methods of operation are essential in order to achieve the lowest operating and life-cycle costs for your machines.

That’s something you can rely on.

Partnership with best performance – for your success

Full-line supplier in the premium segment

Wecker Druckluft is one of the largest full-line suppliers of compressed-air systems in the premium segment.

With a highly motivated, excellently trained team the long-standing, Münster-based company provides a service package without compromise.

We offer you a range of efficient, high-quality products. For decades we have been gathering experience and putting our products and services to the test, ensuring that today's customers get the very best.

In no time at all, our team of engineers and advisors working in the office and in the field will develop the optimal technical solution package for you.

We provide a one-stop service with all work is carried out by our own employees: foremen, electricians, fitters, refrigeration engineers, programmers, technicians, office staff and engineers work together to create a product tailored to your requirements.

Our fleet of vehicles is equipped with an extensive range of spare and wearing parts so that work can be carried out without delay.

We guarantee that we are there to support our customers 24 hours a day.

Our concept for your success

Wecker Druckluft supplies individual components or the complete turn-key package for your compressed air equipment.

We begin by taking stock of your equipment and analysing the consumption data. We also calculate the saving potential showing you where improvements should be made.

Our service package comprises planning and designing the components which are optimal for you.

We draw up detailed piping and installation diagrams or generate photo-realistic 3D drawings rendering the components, equipment and piping.

We provide all the trades relevant for your equipment from one source with all the work carried out by our own employees:

  • Delivery
  • Complete assembly
  • Pipe installation
  • Cabling
  • Control systems and energy management
  • All ventilation and exhaust air systems
  • Heat recovery
  • Commissioning

After the equipment has been taken into service and accepted we continue to support you, offering exemplary service and a strong partnership.

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The way we think is the way we work – with real passion

Classic values such as integrity, honesty and sustainability are of key importance for our work. So is the intense communication with you - because we believe that an open exchange of knowledge and experience benefits all those involved. By combining these qualities with our state-of-the-art, future-oriented technology we create a sound basis for mutual success - today and tomorrow.

This partner-oriented approach describes exactly how we think and work at Wecker Druckluft. We are passionate about what we do. And we are always looking for customers, employees and partners who think in the same way and want to work with us in this way.  

Because we are independent and able to select the best products, we can commit ourselves to exceeding our customers' expectations and always offering you what is right for you: the best.

The highest standards. As a matter of principle.