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Modern and highly efficient products – A comprehensive range of accessories

Measuring systems. So that you know the facts.

Measuring, analyzing and recording technical data and parameters in industry. With an extensive programme of professional measuring technology.

An extract from our range of professional measuring systems: 

  • Measuring transducer for differential pressure, moisture and   temperature
  • Determination of residual moisture in acc. with ISO 8573
  • Measurement of compressed air consumption and leakages
  • Infrared cameras to record thermal leakages
  • Energy measurement to determine the costs of generating compressed air
  • Wireless data monitoring system testo saverisTM for complete and fully-automated registering and recording of the desired measurements
  • Monitoring of vibrations and oscillations to monitor wear

All required data can be logged and monitored over a period of months. Limit values can be defined and programmed as a warning or alarm. Messages can be sent electronically, if desired.

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Whisperblast®multi-channel compressed air nozzles

High-frequency hissing noises which can damage hearing often occur when working with open compressed air. These noises arise due to turbulence when the air is emitted and depend on the shape of the nozzle opening and the working air pressure.

This means: the better and stronger the air stream required, the higher the hazardous noise levels or the higher the air consumption costs.

The solution: Lechler multi-channel compressed air nozzles

Considerably reduced noise levels with high blasting power and low air consumption. The multi-channel compressed air nozzles distribute the incoming air into partial air streams. 16 optimized air channels ensure a particularly even, focussed and powerful air stream.

The benefits compared to single-orifice nozzles:

  • noise reduction up to 12 dB(A)
  • lower working air pressure with the same blasting power
  • lower air consumption
  • better blasting action over greater distances
  • lower operating costs

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24h shop. There’s no faster way.

In our 24h shop you can order all the items in our compressed air fittings programme online.
Your benefits:

  • You will be informed about the availability of the required item immediately
  • Individual agreements are taken into account automatically
  • The dispatch of online orders is given the highest priority
  • After the goods have been dispatched, you will receive an email including the parcel number which you can use to track the status of your parcel online
  • Carriage and packaging free of charge for goods with a net value of €75.00 and above.

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Wir beraten Sie gerne persönlich!
Wir beraten Sie gerne persönlich!