Vacuum without compromise – Really attractive

Technical vacuum is an energy form which you generate yourself in your company. To be able to produce a vacuum as efficiently and economically as possible, you need highly efficient components and an innovative partner.

Wecker Druckluft provides you with both the necessary products and the required expertise.

 As a full-range supplier and reliable service partner we enable you to operate your machinery optimally and economically.

Smart system solutions which are state of the art; greatest reliability and highest effectiveness through the best management of energy, performance and costs; the personal commitment of each of our employees and a high level of customer proximity - for many years Wecker Druckluft has been proving:

Maximum vacuum, minimum operating costs. Really attractive.

Modern and highly efficient products – Vacuum from generation to application

Evacuation with compressed air. And efficiency.

The smallest, pneumatically powered vacuum generators only weigh a few grams and can be used at the end of a shaft directly at the contact point. Larger vacuum ejectors unite groups and are also suitable where there is little space.

In both cases, the vacuum is created based on the Venturi principle, absolutely wear- and maintenance-free and suitable for vacuum up to 85%.

The vacuum generation can be started and monitored electronically.

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Systematic evacuation. Highly efficient.

Whether as a stand-alone application or as a component in a large centralized system, we provide high-quality vacuum. With the greatest efficiency and reliability.

Our wide range of vacuum generators and low pressure compressors meets every need. From the oil-free generation of vacuum or blast air, to single- or multi-phase side channel blowers and lubricated pumps for high vacuum.

A varied range with a common denominator:

Outstanding quality and the greatest efficiency.

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Vacuum accessories. For a complete handling system.

We have a wide range of accessories which allow you to handle vacuum effectively.

From the vacuum generation to the contact point: from the control to the valves, suction device and sensor technology.

Systematic and efficient.

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Peak performance with premium service.

We make sure that your vacuum system stays in top form, because that’s the only way to ensure the functionality and performance of your system and its efficient and reliable operation.

Our diverse service modules provide the right concept for you. Premium quality from one source. Round the clock if necessary.

We get more performance out of your system.

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